Someone asked me the other day what I do as a wedding photographer. I stumbled as I tried to describe being able to witness the joy and love between two people, but it's so incredibly hard to sum up. After I got home, I got to thinking about what I should have said and it was this: I have the crazy privilege of the documenter of your day. I'll be your 5th bridesmaid. I'll step in and support you. I'll make silly jokes to your groomsmen to make them smile (ok, laugh) during group photos and I'll catch those little moments you didn't even see yourself - like Mom tearing up at the ceremony, the extra hand squeezes and your niece and nephew dancing. 


My heart behind the lens 

I've got sneaky photo ninja skills. I have an instinct about what is about to happen during a wedding day. From experience, I have learned where and when to look for specific times to capture those natural and unorchestrated moments. I believe those moments that are unique to your wedding day are the ones that are most important. I'll take mom putting a family heirloom necklace around her daughter's neck over posed photos any day. I'm in love with the moments that are honest and vulnerable. I want you to still feel the reaction, the occasion of a beautiful exchange between you and your new spouse. I believe the little things that make your day special are really the big things. 



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