Someone asked me the other day what I do as a wedding photographer. I stumbled as I tried to describe being able to witness the joy and love between two people, but it's so incredibly hard to sum up. After I got home, I got to thinking about what I should have said and it was this: I have the crazy privilege of the documenter of your day. I'll be your 5th bridesmaid. I'll step in and support you. I'll make silly jokes to your groomsmen to make them smile (ok, laugh) during group photos and I'll catch those little moments you didn't even see yourself - like Mom tearing up at the ceremony, the extra hand squeezes and your niece and nephew dancing. 

Just being called a wedding photographer isn't nearly enough. Add to the list: boutonniere pinner, lipstick putter owner, flower fetcher, entertaining girl with the camera. 

With all of that to say, I want to be the documenter of your day. I want to share these moments with you because I care about your love story. 

We'll probably be friends. I hope that's ok. If it is, hop on over to my contact page and shoot me an email! 


a little about me

hey guys! I'm Keshia and I'm obsessed with peanut butter. I eat it everyday unless we are out. I don't even put it in the pantry when I'm done because I know soon enough, I'll be getting it back out. My husband likes to make fun of me because of it. 


I don't have a green thumb, but I'm obsessed with trying! I've killed more plants that I can count, but I have about 3 that are THRIVING  and I'm super excited! I have a new little cactus whose name is Billy Bob and I'm really hoping I don't kill it! 

My husband and I have two kiddos who are 14 months apart (whoopsie). We tell people that one was a surprise and the other, an even bigger surprise. They'll be best friends one day. These three people are the three things in my life I couldn't live without. 

Drop me an email to tell me more about you!